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Status and location of my parcel


Hi, i need a bit of help. Over a month the parcel RP626936546CN is going between mail posts in china (according to CAINIA and TRACK17)
The last status is from yesterday and i not really understand it:
"[Suzhou City] [Suzhou International Mail] returned, remarks: security check returned

2019-07-23 15:04:52"
Is that something i need to worry? Do i contact the seller? Or i will get it eventually?
Thanks in advance...

4 Answer(s)

It's returned back now. You'd better contact the seller as soon as possible to give you a solution.
Thanks. The seller is contacted. The solution is refund and order again. So much waiting for nothing, but at-least i know where is the parcel now.
But neither me, neither him know what happened and how he can prevent it happening again.
Tracking number LS359228723CN can I get my shipment I've been told it has been returned please help me
Hi Kaleb1717,

You need to contact the seller as soon as possible to let him send it again if you want to get it instead of getting refund.

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