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Status of my orders


Dear Daisy,
I hope you're in the best of health. I singled out your name as I've seen you make responses to some of the queries made by other customers. The storyline is similar, I have made several purchases from wish with the majority showing the latest tracking information as "Arrival in destination country, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, SAU" for some time now.

Tracking Numbers :

Tracking #: SY14035259115
Tracking #: SY14033669192
Tracking #: SY14033841029
Tracking #: SY14033771368
Tracking #: SY14034007441
Tracking #: SY14034990118

I'm currently living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and have made several visits to my local post office (Saudi Post) with no success. Would you be kind enough to share any information regarding the whereabouts of my packages?

Kind Regards,


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Hi Mohammed Hussein,

They are at the facility of Saudi Arabia now and havn't arrived in your local post office. You'd better wait for more days for them to process the packages. If you couldn't receive them in time, you can contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution.

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