Still havent received my parcel LE062986742CN

Asked by Severine | 12/16/2019 7:25:53 AM

Hello, My parcel LE062986742CN has been given to the transporter since december 3rd but I still do not have any updates. Deliveries was supposed to be between 9-19th december, I am afraid it wont arrive on time. Can you please check thanks

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Daisy 12/23/2019 6:35:38 AM

Hi Severine,

Number: LE062986742CN
Package status: Delivered (33 Days)
Country: China -> France
2019-12-23 10:50, France, France has been delivered
2019-12-23 08:21, France, France arranges delivery
2019-12-21 09:06, France, France arranges delivery
2019-12-21 06:15, France, arrived at the "France" delivery office
2019-12-19 06:19, France, Leave France
2019-12-18 11:46, Reached the place of arrival
2019-12-03 11:12, Fuzhou, delivered to air transport
2019-12-03 11:12, Fuzhou, delivered to air transport
2019-12-03 09:00, Fuzhou, Airlines
2019-11-29 15:08, Fuzhou City, the International Mail Exchange Bureau has been exported directly
2019-11-27 20:17, Putian City, leaving the "Yutian Bulk Business Department", the next stop , Fuzhou International
2019-11-27 13:48, Putian City, "Yutian Bulk Business Department" has received, agent: Huang Zhenxing
2019-11-19 10:19, Logistics order created

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