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Still waiting for my package from China


Were is my package from China tracking number AM241251009CN go to 6431 16th line rr3 Clifford Nog1m0 ont or 170 Wellington st w Canada post office in mount forest ont NOG2LO and I not happy

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Still waiting on an order, it’s been over a month now. How long does shipping take to Australia? It’s says my package is “cleared and awaiting international departure in Guangzhou, China” and hasn’t moved since October 8th

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Hello, I have been waiting 52 days for a package to arrive from China to New York USA. The package still shows as in China. The seller who provided tracking originally told me the package was in the US long ago but due to delays here had not been delivered. Clearly from tracking the package shows as in China. Is there any guidance on when I could receive this package? Thank you.
Tracking EB713993834CN

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Im waiting a package since 29 january.
The seller told me that was resend and since 2017-03-16 the tracking stucked (太原Transit Station import customs cleared (domestic transit ))

Can you help me anyway to understand where is the package. im waiting for it 4months.

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