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Stuck at « given to the airline company »


I have shipped a package for france more than one month ago. It has been since the 21th that i did not have any update. The tracking number is LV637588665CN. Since then i have shipped more than 15 packages with eub and i have received all of them.

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My package UU062056146CN has been stuck since April 22nd, tracking says it was received by the airline company. It is Aliexpress standard shipping, usually it doesn't take this long to leave China, could you please verify? Thank you very much!

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Hi, my order LX068562450CN has been in transit for nearly 8 weeks and has been stuck for over 5 of those. Is there any way it will arrive soon? Also the company I bought from seems to have deleted their web page & I can’t contact them. Thanks


My parcel has been stuck on “fuzhou, delivered to air transport” for over 20 (TWENTY) days. Why is it this taking so long, it’s clearly not in transit to the UK unless it’s somehow going through 20 flights before I receive it. It shouldn’t take this long, even the company says it shouldn’t

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