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Asked by amdmos | 5/28/2018 7:35:03 AM

i have a package coming from china ( RY130495719CN ) currently the tracking shows me :
[Beijing] Arrival [Beijing Terminal]
2018-05-27 22:37:58
what are the next steps before arriving to Destination country ? and how much is delais between the last step of china post and Moroccan post ?
thank you in advance

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Bsmith 12/27/2019 11:13:27 PM

I ordered an item close to 30 days ago that I have yet to receive. Below is all I have for tracking information and I can’t read Chinese. Can someone help me locate or find out if I am ever going to get my package? Thank you!
Tracking number: LW241282536CN
2019-12-27 18:27 成都市 退回妥投
2019-12-08 23:07 CHINA CHENGDU Processed Through Facility -> Your item has been processed through a facility in CHENGDU, CHINA on December 8, 2019 at 11:07 pm.
2019-12-04 14:24 CHINA Acceptance
2019-12-27 18:27 成都市 退回妥投
2019-12-27 18:01 成都市 【成都市国际业务揽投部】安排投递,投递员:刘沐函,电话:18784531419
2019-12-09 02:54 成都市 出口海关/安全留存待验
2019-12-05 02:31 成都市 到达【国际邮件处理中心】
2019-12-04 22:01 成都市 离开【成都市国际业务揽投部】,下一站【国际邮件处理中心】
2019-12-04 14:24 成都市 【成都市国际业务揽投部】已收件,揽投员:邱杰,电话:18227651099

Astisto 3/20/2020 1:36:31 PM

Hi, please tell me when parcel RV35230190CN will arrive in South Africa?

Daisy 3/20/2020 8:17:02 PM

Hi Astisto,

RV35230190CN is not a right tracking number. There is a number missed.

morningvibe 3/22/2020 9:59:02 PM

Hello, i have package coming from china... RV361277904CN. When the estimate time it will arrive to brunei?

Daisy 3/23/2020 12:15:47 AM

Hi morningvibe,

Your package is not normal. It doesn't leave China and is back to Guangzhou now. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and give you a solution as soon as possible.

Number: RV361277904CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Brunei
2020-03-22 10:32, Guangzhou, leaving Guangzhou North Station, the next stop , Guangzhou International Center (via transfer)
2020-03-22 10:09, Guangzhou, arriving at Guangzhou North Station (via transfer)
2020-03-21 04:52, Beijing, leaving the Beijing Post Huangcun Station, the next stop , Guangzhou North Station (via transfer)
2020-03-16 16:52, Beijing, Import Customs Release
2020-03-14 22:52, Beijing, arriving at Beijing International Mail Transfer Department (via transfer)
2020-03-13 16:40, Guangzhou, leaving the Guangzhou International Center, the next stop , Beijing International Mail Transfer Department (via transfer)
2020-03-10 02:02, Foshan City, leaving the International Small Pack Processing Center, the next stop , Guangzhou International
2020-03-09 21:48, Foshan City, "International Small Bag Processing Center" has received, agent: agency administrator
2020-03-07 15:30, Logistics order created

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