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Parcel stuck in ISC (International Shipping Custom) New York (USPS)


My package RD592944475CN has been 'in-transit' since 1/6/2021 at ISC New York, NY(USPS) I contacted USPS several times and they told me that the place of origin has to provide an update since it has not been cleared at custom in the US. Please help, who should I contact to get it cleared? Or at least what steps should I ask the sender to do in China?
Thank you.

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My package RD592944475CN has been 'in-transit' since 1/6/2021 at ISC New York, NY(USPS). How much longer should I wait? Why is it not been released?
Hi Elizabeth,

You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.
hi Daisy,
Thank you for responding, I did get in contact with the friend. It is not a seller, she spoke to ChinaPost and they informed her that bc it is in the US there is nothing she can do. What should she do? It's a birthday gift since December and it is very late.
Hi Elizabeth,

I could only suggest you contact USPS to check it again for you.
Hi Daisy, I did get into contact with USPS they insisted that I had to get into contact with ChinaPost because it has not been cleared at custom they are not able to investigate. They requested that an international investigation should be filed to check on why it is stuck in custom for so long.
Hi Elizabeth,

Sorry, we are only a tracking flatform and couldn't help you deal with the problem or reflect the problem to China Post for you. You need to let your friend request an international investigation to China Post.
Hi Daisy,
My friend did go to ChinaPost, she was informed that there was no such thing as: 'international investigation'. Please help. Do you know why it is stuck at customs for so long?

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