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to change postal address for package

Asked by robert | 12/6/2019 1:04:47 PM

I need to change postal address of a package with tracking number CY102645457AU to address Liqin. N0601 building D zhuangbain industrial sanwei community, hangcheng street bao an shen Zhen shi guang dong china
phone 0755-2720864/ 15013584302
is it posable to do and how do I do it

1 Answer(s)

Daisy 12/7/2019 6:47:30 PM

The delivery was failed on Dec. 6. It will be returned back. You'd better contact the recipient in China to call China Post service number 11183 as soon as possible to as if they could sent it again to a different address.

Number: CY102645457AU
Package status: Undelivered
Country: Australia -> China
2019-12-07 13:45, Shenzhen, leaving the Post Shenzhen Yantian Branch Office, the next stop "Shenzhen"
2019-12-07 08:27, Shenzhen, Back
2019-12-07 08:27, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Yantian Post Office has received a copy
2019-12-06 18:26, Shenzhen, the Post Shenzhen Yantian Branch Office to return business (retired)
2019-12-06 17:40, Shenzhen, "Post Shenzhen Yantian Branch Office" delivery results feedback - not properly cast, notes (rejected), delivery officer: Guo Donglin, tel: 15817260527
2019-12-06 07:34, Shenzhen, "Post Shenzhen Yantian Branch Office" arranged delivery, delivery staff: Guo Donglin, Tel: 15817260527
2019-12-05 10:15, Shenzhen, Import Customs Release
2019-12-03 15:14, Shenzhen, taxable mail, to be paid by the recipient
2019-11-29 15:49, Shenzhen, sent to import customs
2019-11-29 03:34, Shenzhen, arriving at the Post Shenzhen International Mail Exchange Bureau (via transfer)
2019-11-29 01:29, Guangzhou, leaving Guangzhou International, the next stop , Post Shenzhen International Mail Exchange Bureau (via transfer)
2019-11-28 10:32, Guangzhou, Import Customs Release
2019-11-28 09:25, Guangzhou, sent to import customs
2019-11-26 04:42, Sydney, Sydney has exported direct lying
2019-11-25 23:21, Sydney, Leaving the Overseas Export Swap Bureau
2019-11-25 23:21, Sydney, leaving Sydney
2019-11-21 13:47, Australia, Australia Received

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