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Trying to find when my packages will be delivered


This is not a complaint. I have been tracking my 3 packages for 12 days. I live in Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542 US. It has come from Changsha, Hunan, then through Shenzhen, then into the US, then shipment arrived at sorting facility US, then Customs clearance completed in US,then Shipment arrived at sorting facility Georgia DISTRIBUTION CENTER, then The shipment leaves the processing center Georgia DISTRIBUTION CENTER, now it keeps saying ( every day ) the shipment is in transit within the destination country Georgia DISTRIBUTION CENTER.;; the tracking numbers are , AQ009494541CN, ,AQ009494590CN, , and , ,AQ009493285CN. Thank you so very much for your help with this matter, Please let me know. My name is Nicholas

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The recipient has contacted to Guangzhou Customs on April 27th, 2022. The reason for holding my packages is missing the recipient’s phone number and no need to pay for import tax. The recipient gave his number, but there is no update since then. I sent these packages in February 16th and it’s been 83 days!!! I sent my packages to China, not the moon!!! Very ridiculous!!! Please find out when they will be delivered. Thank you,
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I send the 29 august 2 packages from Belgium to China Nanjing.
The code off the items are ce365207869be and ce365207872be.
Who can help me to find them,i juse the side to track and find the items but without
a answer.


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Hey China Post, the following packages appear to have disappeared into a void at Guangzhou-PTT - EK907416532GB & EK907416546GB, could you please give me any update on these or find out of I can go and collect them myself?

Previous packages from the UK last month arrived in 6 days, so I'm very surprised to find these are already 3 weeks and growing.

Covid restrictions are all lifted and there's no logical reason for them to be stuck in a queue, as they have all relevant paperwork both printed and digital and I'm not aware of delays in China customs? Thanks in advance. Rob

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