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Trying to find when my packages will be delivered


This is not a complaint. I have been tracking my 3 packages for 12 days. I live in Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542 US. It has come from Changsha, Hunan, then through Shenzhen, then into the US, then shipment arrived at sorting facility US, then Customs clearance completed in US,then Shipment arrived at sorting facility Georgia DISTRIBUTION CENTER, then The shipment leaves the processing center Georgia DISTRIBUTION CENTER, now it keeps saying ( every day ) the shipment is in transit within the destination country Georgia DISTRIBUTION CENTER.;; the tracking numbers are , AQ009494541CN, ,AQ009494590CN, , and , ,AQ009493285CN. Thank you so very much for your help with this matter, Please let me know. My name is Nicholas

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Hi Nick Aute,

They have been delivered on August 29 and 31. If you don't receive them, contact the seller to reflect the problem and give you a solution in time.

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