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Where are my packages?


The recipient has contacted to Guangzhou Customs on April 27th, 2022. The reason for holding my packages is missing the recipient’s phone number and no need to pay for import tax. The recipient gave his number, but there is no update since then. I sent these packages in February 16th and it’s been 83 days!!! I sent my packages to China, not the moon!!! Very ridiculous!!! Please find out when they will be delivered. Thank you,
CH157365788US and CH157369524US

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Hi Ted,

It couldn't be delivered if the recipient's phone number is missing. They may be returned back to you later.
But the recipient gave his phone number over the phone. It sounded the customs will release my packages. I just want to know how soon the customs will release them. If you are saying the customs will return them to me, then, I need the customer service number for English speaker.
Hi Ted,

You need to let the receipient in China to call 12360 to check when it could be released.

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