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Unable to check what's happening with my parcel


I'm expecting a parcel sent from Serbia to arrive in Shenzhen. According to Serbian post office it's already in China and should have been delivered by now, however nobody has contacted me yet. Is there any way to check what's happening with the parcel and is there any problem that needs my attention?

Tracking number EE002869545RS, sent by EMS
Thanks in advance, Milan

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Hi Milan,

It hasn't arrived in China.

Number: EE002869545RS
Package status: In transit
Country: Serbia -> China
2022-04-08 01:05 Leaving the Overseas Export Exchange Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2022-04-08 01:05 Arrive at the Overseas Export Exchange Bureau
2022-04-07 12:58 RS received
2022-04-08 02:43 RS, 10200 GPC BEOGRAD, Dispatch
2022-04-07 23:05 RS, 11003 ALTERNAE MAIL, Transport
2022-04-07 23:05 RS, 11003 IZMENIČNA POŠTA, Arrived
2022-04-07 21:21 RS, 40200 GPC NIŠ, Dispatch
2022-04-07 17:46 RS, 18220 ALEKSINAC, Dispatch
2022-04-07 10:58 RS, 18220 ALEKSINAC, Receipt
Thank you for the prompt reply. Is it possible too find out approximate date of arrival? I have some personal documents inside and it's really important to get those soon. I got the info that it'll take no more than 8 days when it was sent and it had passed 10 days already.
Hi Milan,

Not sure. It depends on the way you us to send it. You'd better contact Serbia Post to ask for the estimated delivery time.

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