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no new update on parcel after 33 days


hi can someone let me know whats happening with my parcel ,been stuck at shanghair airport ince 13th june !

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Hi Nicky m,

It was delivered by airline on June 14 and takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives in UK after it was delivered by airline. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
but my other parcels arrived within 17 days and I got one today that got sent after this one ???
Hi Nicky m,

30-60 days is the general time due to the pandemic. Some of the packages may be sent within 30 days and some may be more than 60 days.
Hi there. This is very urgent for me PLEASE, as I need my parcel for my Weddings. My tracking number is RU709073826NL, this been shipped out long time ago and arrived at destination country which is Lithuania on 10th June. Since then I don't see any further updates? I contacted many times my local Post Office, the seller and customs - no one knows and cannot see this tracking number. PLEASE HELP to find out where it is located?? many thanks. Regards, Dileta.
Where is my parcel?
Tracking number UP751886994CN. My parcel arrived at Heathrow Distribution Centre on 22nd September. It has not been delivered to me and there is no way I can seem to speak with someone there. Can you help please this is incredibly frustrating.

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