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URGENCY !!! Stop delivery parcel to receiver because SCAM



Can you please stop delivery parcel Article ID : EJ207712187AU and please send it back to Sender in Australia.

Receiver Name: Mary Shandley Address 32/8 Chuan Mei daxue , Beijing , Beijing , 100024 P.R. China. SHE IS SCAM

Thank you so much for your help,

I looking forward to hear form your.

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We can only track where it is now and couldn't stop delivery for you. According to the tracking result, it's on the way to China now and not arrived China yet. As it will be handed over to China EMS and delivered by them, you'd better call China EMS customer service number +86 10 11183 (then 8 to get English service) to let then know you are the sender and you want to stop the delivery and want it back to you. To my experience, you'd better call them when the parcel is in China or they couldn't process it for you.

Tracking result:
2016-12-20 03:38
Left the treatment centre of Australia, heads for Beijing, China

2016-12-20 01:33
Australia, reached the processing center from Australia Sydney

2016-12-19 16:22
Australia, receiving and sending
Thank you for your answer,

Can you please tell me , How long the parcel will be arrive to China?

I will keep my eye on this tracking parcel but i just would like to know , When the parcel arrive to China and send to receiver , How many hours/day before post send to receiver.

Have i have time to follow or ring them?

I just make sure, I don't want to missing anything.

Thanks you for your help admin.

It usually takes at least a week to reach China. I'll help you track everyday and inform you here once it's in China. You have enough time to call China EMS as they will not deliver it soon once it's in China. It needs some days to transit in China.
Please help me i can't call that number , Did you give to me?
Terrible. It got to China to earlier. The receiver has got it yesterday.

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