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Want to resend a mail again


Dear officer

Here is my track number : CP044093981TH

Where is it now?
I want you to resend to the receiver again but you have to call him first in order to receive it

Mr. Wang 13480683357

Thank you very much

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1 Answer(s)

Hi Junephu,

Our site could only help you to check where the mail is now. We don't offer service of delivery.

According to the tracking system, the package is in Longhua Suboffice of China Post (龙华支局 in Chinese). It waits the recipient to pick it up since July 4th. You'd better ask the recipient to get it as soon as possible. Or it may be returned back to you few days later.

You could call or let the recipient call 11185 the service number of China Post to require them deliver again.

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