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What happened to my package?


My package has arrived at the airport, country of destination on 28th of May but I still have not received. It’s been almost two weeks since that so I doubt it’s been stuck as other packages I ordered from different seller arrived without issues. Is the tracking number not accurate enough and the item has not even arrived to my country yet or did my package just get lost?
Tracking number: SY13808044407

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Hi Lisa,

It's sent by SUNYOU Express. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution if it's still stuck there in this week.
I have contacted them and they said they will refund me ahead, but they hadn’t yet so I don’t know... the package has been stuck at that place now for 15 days. I read several posts about this shipping company and it seems like it’s a common issue with Sunyu. Do you know anything about this company?
Hi Lisa,

We know SUNYOU Express. It's a nice company. Due to the coronavirus, packages are processed slowly. You'd better wait for more days to receive it.
Is Sunyu really trustworthy company because based on online reviews, it’s rated as one of the worst companies. Customers claim they never receive their orders. Is it true because I am very concerned?
Hi Lisa,

Althoug the best companies will have worst reviews. Most of the packages can be sent without problems. Few will be lost. You'd better contact the seller to refund you first if you are worried about it.
I’m really worried Daisy. I’ve ordered many items on a same day on eBay. Some I received shortly, while most of them I have not received yet and it’s close to estimated delivery time or already expired. Does it mean I will never receive them or will there be a delay because of covid-19? Based on that it seems like there is a smaller chance to receive it than not.
I have 4 package shipping by sunyou and reached to airport and until now not delivered tobme its take long time more than 30 days and I contacted with the seller and he told me he dint know why all this time and he will refund the money but in other way I received the other items from other seller by sunyou very fast I wanna know what is the problem and if my items returned back to seller or what SYRM117543313 this one from my shipments
Hi, it's been lomg time that i have not received any updates about shipment. Estimated time of receiveng already exceeded. What should i do?

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