Where is my package?

Asked by Nate Talamaina | 8/2/2018 1:35:50 AM

I sent 3 packages from Australia to Shenzhen. I have recieved 2 packages and I dont know where the last package is. The item number is CF121418489AU

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Daisy 8/3/2018 1:52:59 AM

Hi Nate Talamaina,

It was in Shenzhen processing center since July 29 and not move after that. You'd better contact China Post service number 11183 (then 8 for English service) to ask when they could deliver it to you.

2018-07-29 07:28
Shenzhen processing Center, has imported mutual seal (at home by the turn)

2018-07-29 07:24
Transfer to Customs

2018-07-29 07:13
Shenzhen, imported open and demolition

2018-07-28 09:45
Guangzhou processing Center, has imported mutual seal (at home by the turn)

2018-07-27 14:41
Guangzhou, opened and dismantled

2018-07-25 07:50
Brisbane processing Center, has left

2018-07-24 10:47
Brisbane, arrive

2018-07-23 14:44
Australia receiving and forwarding center, received

Sonia 8/5/2018 9:24:21 PM

Tracking no. EG559085849JP
Its says the package already delivered since august 1,2018 but my friend who used to recieved it doesn’t receive any package..and she’s calling your landline and no one answering..please help me with this

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