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Where is my package?


My package is stuck, can anyone help me?

Tracking Number: NL14669373534648 (sky56)

Time Remarks
11-Jul-2016 12:25 PM ITALY, the transfer of customs
11-Jul-2016 08:45 AM ITALY, Arrived
29-Jun-2016 08:45 AM Transit Center,left hand navigation
29-Jun-2016 03:12 AM Exchange Bureau, have been exported directly
28-Jun-2016 09:09 AM Exchange Bureau, have been exported to open
27-Jun-2016 01:09 AM Small package Center, left
26-Jun-2016 11:35 PM Parcel centre,sealing
26-Jun-2016 08:35 PM Small package Center, receive
26-Jun-2016 06:35 PM Electronic information,receive

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What kind of service do you use for deliver your package? I think it's not China Post. I couldn't find any tracking result for it.

It is very cheap and Gearbest use it for free shipments.
I have a shipment with this Nl Post unregistered.... is still new...i will see the shipping time ....
Does it has that yello sticker for customs?

Thank you.
Is the package arrived?
I have the same problem
Hi Eddie,

Please provide your tracking number here in order to check it for you.
Hi, here is my code:
Hi Eddie,

Tracking details is not available in tracking system. I think it's unregistered.

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