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Where is my package?


My parents have sent me a package from the UK. China Post attempted to deliver it on Thursday, but I was not at home. The last update I had was at 8.29pm on Thursday to say it was back at the international mail processing centre. I've waited a long time for this package and there has not been another attempt on delivery since Thursday, so could someone please tell me where it is and whether it can be delivered today or if I can go collect it, as I know that it's in Shanghai? The tracking number is RN606709315GB.

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It will be returned back. Latest tracking information shows it's in Shanghai International Mail Processing Center on Nov. 23. Better contact China Post (call 11183) as soon as possible to ask for them not return back.

2019-11-23 16:34
Shanghai, leaving the International Mail Processing Center, the next stop , "Shanghai Tailu Press Processing Sub-Center" (via transfer)

2019-11-23 15:37
Shanghai, Import Customs Release

2019-11-21 18:07
Shanghai, leaving Anshan Road, Post Yangpu District, next stop , Shanghai Wanggang

2019-11-21 16:26
Shanghai, Anshan Road Post Office has received

2019-11-21 15:39
Shanghai, "Post Yangpu District Anshan Road Delivery" to return business (transfer)

2019-11-21 14:22
Shanghai, Post Yangpu District Anshan Road Delivery Results Feedback - Not properly cast, Notes (Other: Recast), Delivery Officer: Wang Wei, Tel: 15800859813

2019-11-21 07:53
Shanghai, "Post Yangpu District Anshan Road Delivery" arrangement delivery, delivery staff: Wang Wei, Tel: 15800859813
What are the steps of shipping to UAE?
How long will it take to deliver?
Are there any delays due to Corona?
Please let me know about my queries asap
Hi Kaneez,

It's still in transit in China now. It takes about 25-50 days for it to be delayed. It may be delayed due to the coronavirus.

Number: RV369726731CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Arab Emirates
2020-03-23 06:43, Shanghai, leaving the International Mail Processing Center, the next stop ,Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station (via transfer)
2020-03-23 03:11, Shanghai, "International Mail Processing Center" has been exported directly sealed
2020-03-22 20:26, Shanghai, arriving at the Shanghai Wanggang Mail Processing Center (via transfer)
2020-03-22 04:53, Zhengzhou City, leaving the Henan Mail Processing Center, the next stop , Shanghai Wanggang Mail Processing Center
2020-03-21 20:02, Zhengzhou City, arriving at Henan Mail Processing Center
2020-03-19 15:54, Zhengzhou City, leaving the "Zhengzhou City Delivery Division Of the International Small Package Investment Department", the next station "Zhengzhou International"
2020-03-19 10:14, Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou City Delivery Division International Small Package Investment Department has received, the pitcher: Zhao Wei
2020-03-16 14:11, Logistics order created

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