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Where is my package


My package LO690300002CN status hasn't been updated since January 2th. I orderer it December 27th, 2019.
It's been more than 2 months without updates. What's going on? Will I receive the package? Is it lost? Need some information because it's too weird I don't get any information for 2 months.

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Hi Alex,

It may be delayed due to some reason and there is no information showing it's in Spain now. I suggest you wait for 15 more days to see if you could receive it. If not, contact the seller as soon as possible to give you a solution.
Helo.....My order seller send 22.02.2020.
Where is my package???
Trqcking number: RE014513950CN
Hi Jasmin,

It's in transit to Bosnia and Herzegovina now. You can not know the exact situation when it's in the middle locations. It usually takes about 30-60 days (after it left China) to reach and there will be further update when it arrives.

Hey can I get an update on my package? If its delayed I'd appreciate an email or some kind of notification, thanks.

Hi Cas,

There is no update after April 29. It's still in 4PX's warehouse and hasn't handed over to China Post. You'd better contact the seller to ask why.

2020-04-29 09:17, Shenzhen,China, Depart from facility to service provider.
2020-04-27 19:00, Longgang,Shenzhen,China, 4PX picked up shipment.
2020-04-27 19:00, Longgang,Shenzhen,China, Shipment arrived at facility and measured.
RW309167726CN any updates?

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