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Where is my package?


I would like to know the deadline for delivery of my package.
Number is: LX988797119CN

It was supposed to be in Portugal already. Waiting for your help. Thank you.

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Hi Marizeth,

If it's normal, the package should be at your hand now. This package is sent by using ePacket. It should be delivered within 20 days. Now, it been over a month since it was shipped. I think it may not pass the customs check in China. You'd better contact the sender to call China Post to ask what happened to it.

This is the tracking result for LX988797119CN:
2016-10-25 11:09--Wuhan, sent to the customs
2016-10-25 11:09--Wuhan City, customs clearance
2016-10-23 22:38--Wuhan, sent to the customs
2016-10-23 12:54--Yichang, have left Yichang postal courier Logistics Branch, sent to Wuhan international treatment center
2016-10-19 16:31--Yichang, yiling district Yichang Range Rover vote has been received (embrace cast member name: Su Mingbo, Tel: 18907200731)
It has been a month since the last update on the tracking. Where is my package?

Why it exports 2 weeks?
Hi Pop,

LM148358347CN is in Russia now. Russian Post will deliver it to you after they process.

2016-11-28 04:47
MR LC Vnukovo Cex-1 102976, Customs clearance, Released by custom house

2016-11-28 04:46
MR LC Vnukovo Cex-1 102976, Reception at custom house

2016-11-28 03:50
MR LC Vnukovo Cex-1 102976, Import of international mail, Sankt-Peterburg 4 199004

2016-11-27 13:25
MR LC Vnukovo Cex-1 102976, Processing, Arrived at the territory of the Russian Federation, Sankt-Peterburg 4 199004

2016-11-17 17:23
China CNSZHD, Export of international mail

2016-11-16 14:24
China 214081, Reception, 199004 199004
Hi. Would like to know where my package is. Has shown in transit since 30/11/2016 and not changed since then. LX227213407CN.

Thank you

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