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Where is my package?, tracking number RG013140372CN


Hello, I'm wondering where my package is because the last time it was updated was on the 19th and the latest update was "plane has landed" before that, it showed "airline departure" but then on March 16 it again showed "plane has landed" I would like to know why it'd say that it landed but not mentioning anything about Canada Post?

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Hi Mikey,

That means it's still waiting for the flight in China. You'd better wait for more days to get update. There will be update after it arrives in Canada. It usually takes about 20-40 days to my experience.

Hello, I'm wondering where my order is because the last time it was updated was on the 19th and the latest update was "plane has landed on Toronto " Can you tell me how can receiving my order from Canada Post or it will be delivered to my address?
Tracking Number : RG013140372CN
Order #209LGN6151 date: March 06,2023
Thank You
Hey, that's my order can you kindly not do this?
Why are you trying to steal my package, hello daisy if the guy changed the address of the original package can you change it back because this was a gift for my mom please
my bad although it’s interesting that the tracking number is the same but the order number is different
Waiting for a package.
Have same tracking number RG013140372CN - order #209LGN6186....looks like we've been scammed!

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