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Where’s the package it has almost been two months since


Hello, I’ve wondering what is going on with my parcel after almost 2 months of waiting. I’ve checked on the parcel tracker and it says that the status of the shipping is expired. I was thinking of contacting china post but i don’t want to be charged for international calls is there an 1800 number ?RG013140372CN

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i ordered a package 2 months ago and everytime i contact the company they tell me to ve patient and i will be updated.
But my order RV371208497CN has been set on transit for 2 months now!
i see because of the virus going on it’s all delayed, but this has taken too much time. when will i be receiving my package or is this a scam?

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Is my package lost? It's been 140 days now. Hi my seller tells me that is normal and that it will arrive between 5 to 6 months, but it don't really trust him, because last time I bought him products they arrived at me in two exact months now its heading to 5..... I know My country isn't close, but can it really take 5 months? Even up to six? Help!! Thanks!! I even called China post and consumed all my cellphone data to get some info and they redirect my to many different numbers!

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Hello, I sent a package to China on 11/30/2020 and stayed in customs till January 18th. Is the package on its way back to me ? My tracking number is RF216083493ES. I asked a question here and was told the package would arrive back in Spain usually within 2 months. It has been over 2 months since the package left China to be returned to Spain and I have had no updated. I am beginning to think it is lost. What next steps can I take to locate my package ?

Thank you

Thank you

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