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Where is my packages? Stock/lost? (Stuck handover to airline 2may2020)


Hello, i've ordered items from China to be delivered to Indonesia (Banten or Jakarta) & I ordered through Aliexpress. These are the tracking codes LP167128593SG & LP169220091SG. I checked through, the current status of the first code is 'handed over to airline hk' SINCE 2st MAY. WHERE IS IT NOW? AND I DON'T WANT ANY OF MY PACKAGES LOST. PLEASE GIVE ME A DETAILED EXPLANATION OR INFORMATION.
Please help&reply.

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Hi Liza D,

They are not lost. There is few flight to Indonesia which makes it delayed. You need to wait patiently for more days to get update showing they arrive.
Ok so again, where are my packages? The details of information. Where are they, what country, in a sea port or airport or where, in what country? LP167128593SG & LP169220091SG the update when checking in every website has ambiguous sentences / unclear. In which country exactly are my parcels now???
Hi Liza D,

They are still stuck in China now.
So what should I do now??? It's been 1 and a half months stuck there, no progress, HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO LEAVE CHINA??? HOW LONG SHOULD I WAIT? WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET MY PACKAGE OF MY MONEY BACK? Indonesia's now fine with flight and everything, accepting all flights, back to normal.
Hi Liza D,

You can only wait now. If you don't want to wait, you can contact the seller to refund you first.

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