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Where my parcel, it is in transit for 2 moths


Nomber: LO916357713CN
Since 18.03.20 no change. It is somwere in transit for two moths.
Really? It is can be like that. Where is it?
I'm sad, about this parcel, because I wait it so much. And after 65 days I se, that it is still somewhere else, but not in the Russia. My buyer protection expires.
The buyer just tells me to wait, but in 60 days I am sure that the parcel could have reached me safely, as well as everything else.

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Hi Candy,

There may be few flight to Russia which makes it delayed. If you can not get the goods in time, you have the right to get your money back from seller.
But it's already 70 days. In 17track said that it is in air transport.
For many people parcels come for 30-40 days. Can you do something or what?
Hi Candy,

Sorry, we could only help you check where it is.
So where is it EXACTLY?
Hi Candy,

It's still stuck at Guangzhou airport now.

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