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Which China Post office and how much to USA?


I'm located in the south area of Tai'an, Shandong and want to ship my winter clothing back to USA. Which China Post location in Tai'an can do this. Not Express shipment, but surface shipment of 6 or 8 weeks? What is the expected cost for large surface package 28kg to USA?

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For 28kg large surface package 28kg to USA, it takes about 640 Yuan. Just for your reference.

What's your exact location in Tai'an?
Ying Sheng Lu 王府花园, Taian Shi, Shandong Sheng 271000, China. This is a community of ten 16 story apartment buildings on the west side of the main road, about 1 km south of the Tai'an Blossom Hotel. Would China Post send someone to my apartment to do this?
Or do I need to deliver the suitcase to China Post? Currently, my winter clothes are in a large suitcase. Probably best to ship it in a thick box. I have my address as an attachment... from an envelope from SF-Express... If you need my address and there is an email address I could send it to you... Ray
The Nearest post office is Yingxiongshan Post Branch at No. 172-9 Longtan Road (英雄山邮电支局,龙潭路172-9)

In most cases, international large package couldn't be picked up. You'd better take it there to send.
Thanks so much

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