Why does Chinapost hate me? Packets wont leave China.

Asked by popopboat | 7/27/2020 3:34:42 AM

I've ordered a packet from China 6.6.2020. and packed circled around china because of "security reasons", in the end ended up dissapearing in "Qzhou Mail Processing Group".
I got a refund from seller and made another order for same parts that i needed ( 24.7.2020.) but it seems that this packet wont leave china too, it circled a bit and now is in "Qzhou Mail Processing Group"
Can anyone tell me why is this happening to me? Ive seen a ton of parts overhere from ordered from same site,same seller and nobody had problems with shipping as i do, so i dont think thats due to seller/sender.

New packet - RV478339971CN
Old packet - RV453356979CN


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Daisy 7/28/2020 1:28:31 AM

Hi popopboat,

They couldn't pass the customs check and has been returned back to the seller's city. They will be returned back to the seller later.

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