Why is my parcel in China ?! Heeelp

Asked by Nouhag94 | 11/30/2016 7:29:59 PM

A friend sent me a parcel number CC047483500NL from netherlands To morocco. When i track It using 17track i get That its still in transit and in beinjing, has imported opening! Can You please Tell me Is It under another transportation period in china and for instance, it's there as a transit point and will be forwarded from there to its final destination in morocco ? Or did They make a mistake ?! Please help

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Sally 12/1/2016 5:18:50 AM

Tracking details for CC047483500NL:
2016-12-01 16:09,"Exchange Bureau in Beijing" has been exported
2016-11-30 16:06,"Beijing swaps" imports open
2016-11-25 13:37,"Amsterdam" has been exported
2016-11-24 14:24,Leave the "Amsterdam

Netherlands is more closer to Morocco than Beijing to Morocco. I'm not sure why they take Beijing a s transit point. Maybe there is no proper plan for the package form Netherlands to Morocco directly, so it needs to transit from Beijing then. Anyway, it left Beijing on Dec. 1 and on the way to Morocco now. Wait and check again later.

Nouhag94 12/1/2016 6:51:30 AM

Could You please Check if this tracking number is my New one ? RS285362502CN I Was going though tracking website and They gave It To me.
Thank You so much for your help

Sally 12/1/2016 6:28:57 PM

RS285362502CN was shipped from China and the destination country is Spain. I don't think it's yours.

Tracking details for RS285362502CN:
2016-11-26 09:42
The Shenzhen Exchange Bureau, have been exported directly

2016-11-26 05:00
The Shenzhen Exchange Bureau, have been exported to open

2016-11-26 04:34
Small package Center, left, next stop "Center in Shenzhen"

2016-11-26 04:31
Parcel centre

2016-11-26 02:04
Small package Center, has received send

Nouhag94 12/1/2016 9:13:24 PM

I dont know The next destination of my parcel

Parcel number CC047483500NL Was sent from Netherlands to Morocco. According To your tracking website (Also The netherlands post website) It Was in china and now has left beijing airport. Is The next destination morocco ? I dont know where Its destined!

Daisy 12/1/2016 9:19:03 PM

Not sure, it left China today on Dec. 2. You'd better wait and see. You'd better call the courier you used to send the package in netherlands to ask what happened to the parcel.

2016-12-02 00:08,Leave the "Beijing airport"
2016-12-02 00:06,Reach the "Beijing airport"
2016-12-01 16:09,"Exchange Bureau in Beijing" has been exported

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