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Will it come before 15 days? @Daisy


I have 16 days more days of protection time. I ordered on April 14 and it still says delivered to transport. Is this normal. I’m getting worried

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Hi Lazals12,

Please let me know the tracking number in order to check it for you.

My tracking is LY151345710CN, LY147880322CN, LY148680530CN

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hi, thanks for last time, it’s been over 8 days with no tracking updates, last update was “The plane entered Hong Kong” what does it mean? it’s usually only take 3 days and goes directs to the “los angles arrival at home processing center” thank you daisy, help is much appreciated. if there is a flight number, please provide on.

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Hi Daisy
please check my parcel , is it stucked ? its still Recevied by line-haul for 5 days
2nd, reference code : RE295134059SE

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