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76 days no update



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Hi Ab,

It's not normal that it's still in transit and hasn't been arrived. It may be lost. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.

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Within 20 days? (2 replies)

Hi I saw on 17TRACK that if I couldn’t receive it before 60 days it may be lost or sent back to the seller it has been 40 days now and still in transit and the last update was 36 days ago should I be worried or will it arrive within 20 days? Will it get delayed for more than 20 days because of the Coronavirus? Do you know when will I get it? Or get an update! Tracking Number RE020339549CN

Order Update (2 replies)

Sorry to be annoying.
Can you please help me check on these orders:

LY184925796CN - "Despatch from Sorting Centre" - does this mean the item is still in China, or has it left?

LB138511576SG - Handed over to airlines 10 days ago, no update, has it left China?

LE732454280CN - Been 44 days in total and no update for 20 days. Has it left China?

LN451770794CN - Showing stuck in Shenzen - has it left Shenzen or is it still in China? No update for over 15 days?

LP00175424287448 - No update for over 28 days - is it still in China?

LN451770817CN - "Despatch from sorting centre" - Has this left China? Been over 20 days, no update.

Thank you SO much for your help.

No update for a month? (5 replies)

Hi for how many days should I wait for an update on my parcel I am checking other packages and their parcels deliver and mine is stuck is there a delay? If there is a delay for how many days should I wait for an update or even a delivery. I am getting bored I need this parcel. Tracking number RE020339549CN. It has been 33 days in transit!

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