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Is below a valid address in China?

Dian Li industrial zone XiaMen Fujian China
XiaMenShi Fujian 361000

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Hi lgr,

It's not a valid address.
What is te Post code for this address :
#1 Dongwei Road, Unit 102,Jinsanjiao, Ganjinzi District, Dalian, China
Hi Andres Gomez K,

Ganjinzi District should be Ganjingzi District. The postal code is 116032.
How do I return a package
My package is damaged I need to return it
Hi Brice Steetle,

You need to contact the seller to ask if you need to return it back. sometimes, you don't need to do so. The seller will send one again to you. If you need to return it back, the seller should give you their address to return back.
I want to return batteries as not as described

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