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Attempted delivery


I have a parcel which says it has been attempted delivery twice but no one was in. the client has said hes in and no on has come. Are you able to send the courier the clients number to ring them directly to get this parcel delivered ?

Tracking number RN653524876GB
Clients tel: 13929527612

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Hi mark,

You need to let the receiver in Guangzhou call the postman's phone number 13428839610 to confirm the delivery information and ask for a redelivery.
thank you very much for your reply
Hi mark,

Sorry, we couldn't send the courier the clients number. You need to let the client call the postman's phone number 13428839610 to confirm the address and phone number ask for a re-delivery.

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Would you help?
Thank you

e-EMS tracking : EV947491868CN

2016.04.14 04:20 (GMT-7): Attempted delivery
2016.04.13 20:46 (GMT-7): Arrival at Delivery Office
2016.04.13 09:36 (GMT-7): Attempted delivery

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