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By when I expect my parcel


By when I can expect my parcel

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Hi Mamta Sanvatsarkar,

It left China on May 6 and on the way to India now. It usually takes about 15-25 days for it to be delivered in normal.

Tracking information:

2019-05-06 06:41
Shipped by airline

2019-05-05 14:21
Arrive at "Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station" (via transfer)

2019-05-04 14:55
Departure from "Guangzhou International", Next stop "Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station" (via transfer)

2019-05-02 14:58
"Guangzhou International" has been exported directly seal

2019-05-02 13:40
Arrive at "Guangzhou Interchange Bureau" (via transfer)

2019-04-30 22:51
Departure "Postal Foshan Mail Philatelic Bureau", next stop "Guangzhou International"

2019-04-30 20:54
"Postal Foshan Mail philatelic Office" received
When I can expect my parcel
When I can expect my parcel UD445301783CN
why isn't my parcel moving
can you please answer. it has been too long...tracking data isn't changing.
Hi ubaid,

It may be stuck in Shanghai or is moving but tracking stops updating. You can only wait to see if you could receive it.

2019-11-18 15:28 - Shanghai, arriving at Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station

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