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Can I have details about my parcels


My parcels is still in transit since 03/07.can help me to localizer RV595994396CN. Thanks

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Hi Dayri Hernández,

It's still in transit and hasn't been reached. You'd better wait for more days to see it arrives.

Number: RV595994396CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Dominican Republic
2022-03-07 10:04 Arrive at the Mailing Places Processing Center
2022-03-04 11:32 Arrive at the mailing place
2022-03-03 15:50 The plane entered the port
2022-03-03 11:20 Airline departure
2022-03-02 01:46 The plane entered the port
2022-03-01 13:34 Airline departure
2022-02-28 14:13 Airlines receive
2022-02-28 07:47 The plane entered the port
2022-02-28 07:36 Airline departure
2022-02-27 18:31 The plane entered the port
2022-02-27 14:16 Airline departure
2022-02-27 08:47 Airlines receive
2022-02-27 01:25 Beijing, has been handed over to carriers for transportation
2022-02-26 16:36 Beijing, Depart from [Beijing International Mail Processing Center], next stop [Beijing International Mail Exchange Station] (transit)
2022-02-26 14:25 Beijing Municipality, [Beijing International Mail Processing Center] has been exported directly
2022-02-24 03:50 Beijing, Arrive at Beijing Integrated Mail Processing Center (transit)
2022-02-22 08:45 Guangzhou, Depart from [Airport North Mail Processing Class], next stop [Beijing Integrated Mail Processing Center] (transit)
2022-02-15 17:36 Guangzhou, Arrive at 【Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center】 (via transfer)
2022-02-15 14:58 Shenzhen, Leaving 【Shenzhen International Mail Processing Center】,Next Stop【Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center】
2022-02-14 23:29 Shenzhen, Arriving at Shenzhen International Mail Processing Center
2022-02-14 23:03 Shenzhen City, Leaving 【Shenzhen International Bulk Processing Center】,Next Stop【Shenzhen International】
2022-02-14 22:03 Shenzhen City, [Shenzhen International Bulk Processing Center] has been received and sent, the courier: received and sent

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My parcels is still in transit since 03/07.can help me to localizer RV595994396CN. Thanks

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Dear madam/sir,
I'd like to know about a few of my mail parcels that were said to arrive to India.
I've been waiting since last Sept. for them.
The parcels were sent by non-track able methods like .
I've provided the details below:
China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus - Tracking numbers: 03664246780, 03752960625 & 03761030138.
Would b very glad if you'd b able to help.
Thank'n u in anticipation of an early & positive response.

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Parcels in transit long time, no updates.
Please can you help?
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LO512857046CN (also says, handed to airline, what does it mean?)


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