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Can you help me track my parcel, please?


my name is Hairul from Singapore and I have been expecting a parcel since end of April or early May 2020, the tracking number is LP905620005CN, it's been 3 months and still nothing have arrived yet. I hope you can help me out. The last time I've checked, it state that my parcel is in transit.


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Hi lordrul,

You can't get it. It was returned back to the seller and the seller has got it on June 4. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution (refund you or send it again to you) as soon as possible.

Number: LP905620005CN
Package status: Alert
Country: China -> Singapore
2020-06-04 14:11, Shenzhen, Return
2020-06-04 13:36, Shenzhen, "Hong Kong Express" arrangement delivery, delivery staff: Peng Rongyuan return 1, tel: 1300000000, The Department of Investment: 0755-86719498
2020-05-25 17:29, Shenzhen, Import Customs Release
2020-05-24 21:28, Shenzhen, sent to import customs
2020-04-18 22:51, Shenzhen, Has Been Delivered by Airline
2020-04-18 22:45, Shenzhen, arriving at shenzhen International Exchange Station
2020-04-18 14:02, Shenzhen, leave the Shenzhen Exchange Bureau, the next stop "Shenzhen International Exchange Station"
2020-04-17 20:14, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Swap Bureau has been exported straight seal
2020-04-17 02:01, Shenzhen, leave the "Hong Kong Express", the next stop "Shenzhen Exchange Bureau"
2020-04-17 01:42, Shenzhen, "Hong Kong Express" has received
Can you tell me where my parcel is please LA992562843CN
Hi Mark jones,

There is no tracking information for it. You'd better contact the seller to ask if it has been shipped.
Hi, pleaseeee help me, very irresponsible seller, i am trying to reach him, he is reading my messages but never replying, its a shame, pleaseeee at least tell where the hell is the item with this number LX152509882CN , even this number is already expired, pleaseeeeee tell me was it returned back , was it lost or what happened? Pleaseeeeeee help me. Thank you. The shop name on aliexpress is Shop5602020 Store. I am staying hopeful that you will be able to help me
Hi Nana,

It's not lost. It's delayed due to limited flight to Israel. You'd better wait to the end of this month to see if there is any update.

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