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I want to track my parcel


I want to track my parcel with tracking number CE030567333IN in still at the bejing processing center from last 1 month, what should i do kindly guide me.

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Hi Kunchok,

You need to call China Post service number 11183 (then 8 for English service) in China to ask detailed reasons.
I am looking for my parcel tracking #RV21881640CN

RV21881640CN is not a right tracking number. There should be nine digits in between RV and CN.
Trying to track second shipment of goods from China that went missing.
Tracking number
Hi Sheryl Bishop,

There is no tracking information for it. You'd better contact the seller to reflect the problem and give you a solution.
LX131041056CN my parcel has been in transit for a month, I cant get any updates. Do you happen to know where it is?
Hi Erin,

It was delivered by airline on May 17. It usually takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives in Canada after it was delivered by airline. You'd better wait for more days to get update. If there is no update in two months, you need to contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.

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