China Post: 86 10 11185 EMS: 86 10 11183

Can you please check my order 48 days transit


Can someone explain me this situation? My tracking number is RP759843685CN

[Beijing] to leave [Huangcun station], [next] Guangzhou International (transit)
2019-12-03 02:07:03
[Beijing City] [huangcun station reaches] (transit)
2019-12-02 13:03:11
[Beijing] to leave [international mail transport department], [next] Huangcun station (transit)
2019-12-02 11:39:19
[Beijing] to reach [the Ministry of] international mail transit (transit)
2019-11-30 19:06:15
[Beijing] to leave Beijing International Post [], [next] Department of international mail transit (transit)
2019-11-30 18:58:57
[Beijing] [Beijing International Post] returned, notes: security returned
2019-11-29 12:50:01
[Beijing] airline has to pay transportation
2019-11-26 08:08:32
[Beijing] to reach [Beijing] exchange station (transit)
2019-11-26 07:18:35
[Beijing] to leave [Beijing] exchange stations, switching stations next [Beijing] (transit)
2019-11-26 07:17:33
[Beijing] to reach [Beijing] exchange station (transit)
2019-11-25 19:54:31
[Beijing] to leave Beijing International Post [], [next] Beijing switching stations (transit)
2019-11-25 18:39:48
[Beijing] [Beijing] Post International has been exported straight seal
2019-11-25 04:42:27

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It couldn't pass the check and back to Shenzhen where the seller is located now. You'd better contact the seller to give you a solution or open a dispute on AliExpress to get refund as soon as possible.
LY032060941CN EMS 48 days still in Chengdu the dates keep changing keeps saying 2-4 days but the date changes every week. Can a large item be considered as a small packet? Please help. Thank you.
My parcel has been in transit for 53 days

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track number: EV985813400CN

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