Can't track parcel

Asked by Manuela | 5/11/2020 11:57:19 PM

Hello, i sent parcel from Italy to Beijing on 11 april (ZA010277606IT).
the italian tracking says there are issues for delivery and they said to check tracking in the chinese post service, but here it says the same. Can i know what is the problem and how to solve it?
Thanks Xie Xie Manuela

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Daisy 5/17/2020 12:50:58 AM

Hi Manuela,

You need to contact China Post directly by calling China Post service number 11183 to further check the problems for it.

Number: ZA010277606IT
Package status: In transit
Country: Italy -> Unknown
2020-04-30 16:57, China, Reported processing issues
2020-04-21 17:00, China, Available for collection at the foreign operator's offices
2020-04-20 16:34, China, in progress
2020-04-19 03:14, China, in progress
2020-04-18 02:26, ​​Germany, in progress
2020-04-17 17:48, Italy, in progress
2020-04-17 17:35, International Exchange Center Italy, Customs verification concluded
2020-04-17 15:43, International Exchange Center Italy, Party from the International Exchange Center
2020-04-17 10:28, Lonate Pozzolo (VA) International Exchange Center, in progress at the International Exchange Center
2020-04-14 14:17, Vigevano (PV), Work in progress at the Postal Operational Center
2020-04-14 14:17, Vigevano (PV), In transit at the Postal Operational Center
2020-04-11 09:57, Vigevano (PV), In transit
2020-04-11 09:09, Post Office Vigevano Center of Via Edmondo De Amicis 2, 27029 Vigevano (PV), Taking charge from the Post Office

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