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Checking status on order


tracking # LT518099891CN
Is this in transit to the US and usually how long will it usually take?

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Sorry i wanna know where is my pack ...the last updating is to 02/12/2016 # RL256128706CN
Hi plb998,

Your package was sent out on Dec. 7 and left China on the day. It's in transit to US now. As it's sent through ePacket, it usually takes 10-15 working days to arrive. You may get it in the next week or the week after next.
Hi Daniyels,

Your package let China on Dec. 2 and on the way to Italy now. Before it arrives Italy, there will be no update in tracking system.

Hi Daniyels,

It's in your country now:

2017-01-15 10:05 --Italy Milan reach the Exchange Bureau

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