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cost of shipping 3kgs to Uk


what is cost of shipping3kgs from china dezhou shandong to Uk .cost in USD PLEASE

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may l hv a rates chart plz of weight aganist /cost in USD PLEASE .
Hi dee,

You should use China Post large package service:

AIR: CNY 162.3 up to 1kg and CNY 76.6 for every additional 1kg
SAL: CNY 126.2 up to 1kg and CNY 50.5 for every additional 1kg
SURFACE: CNY 108.1 up to 1kg and CNY 22.4 for every additional 1kg

For 3kg package, the price will be 48 US Dollars by air, 35 US Dollars by SAL and 25 US Dollars by SURFACE.
thank you.but l was asking on epacket not china mail.
Hi dee,

I'm afraid you couldn't deliver it through ePacket as ePacket has weight limit of 2kg for each piece.

You can get price chart here:
I want to send a parcel of 10 kg by surface mail to Germany.
How long does it take to get there and how much do I have to pay?
Thank you
Hi Kutschmann Rolf,

It needs about one or two months to Germany if you use Surface. I couldn't give you an accurate price. You'd better dial 11185 (China Post service line) to ask the price if you could speak China. Or, you could ask a Chinese people for help to dial.

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