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CP371541974CN, Shipment to Pakistan is Stuck in Urumqi.


My above mentioned shipment is still awaited for the last 5 months. Booked in January from China to Pakistan but sent to Urumqi and they are keeping it with them. Please forward my shipment at the earliest.

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Hi Farrukh Nadeem,

It's sent by a cheap way of China Post. It couldn't be tracked after Jan. 21. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution in time.
CP371541974CN, Shipment to Pakistan is Stuck in Urumqi.
Please let us know when we can get it. It is not cheap. China Post took USD 120 to send it to Pakistan.
Can you please let us know the BL or any other information from which we can track it.
If China post is not willing to send it to Pakistan please return it to the Seller.

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