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delivered to address I did not put.


I ordered on the 11th on July and it’s now the 4th of august. It say it has been delivered to Ewing Nj but that is not my address.
Tracking number: AS021495001CN

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Tracking Number - AG310311195CN - says it was delivered to my home address! this is incorrect and is not at any neighbours houses. is there a P.O.D that shows where it was delivered?

Tracking Number - AG982182369CN - again says it was delivered yesterday to my office address, this was the second parcel sent from the supplier to the office address incase the home address didn't work, however the tracking says it was delivered in Slough! which is nowhere near St Albans, again where has it been delivered to? or are both these packages sitting somewhere that I can pick them up?

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This is the third email I am writing to you because you still do not answer my question.
I ask you which address corresponds to this tracking number LZ596806647CN
Indeed the post office delivered the package but I do not know at which address. I do not know which address I entered when ordering. I think I was wrong "and that I filled in my old address. I'll ask you the question again, what is the address of this tracking number LZ596806647CN?
Do not answer me "at your address" please.
Thank you

Hello, We have trouble understanding each other.
What is the destination adress for the tracking number LZ596806647CN?
I'm asking you for an address. What is the recipient's address? you tell me at my address but what is my address? The French post office delivered the package to the address on the delivery slip, but the address does not match with mine.
What is my adress?
Thank you.

What is the destination adress for the tracking number LZ596806647CN? I've already as this question and you answered me i've received it on jan 29 it I not have. I would to know which adress in France you have for this tracking number?

Thanks you for your help

It was delivered to the mailbox of your address on Jan.29. If you don't receive it, you need to contact La Poste or the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible

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I placed this order from a seller via DHgate & it should have been delivered to my address 31 Archer Drive, Cheswick Green, Solihull, B90 4LG, UK, however it was delivered on 11th June via Royal Mail to a wrong address in UK, the seller has closed his store more than 2 weeks ago & I can not contact him by any means, I appreciate if you can help, at least I want to know if he has given you my address & accordingly it is the fault of Royal mail to deliver the parcel to a wrong address, or the seller gave you a wrong address & in that case, I can get refunded by DHgate.

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