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Delivery Date


Can you please give me details of my parcel delivery date. Tracking # RU921774425CN

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Hi Payal,

It left China on May 10 and on the way to your country now. It usually takes about 15-30 days to be delivered.

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I ordered a package on 5/4/24. I still ha been able to locate it or get a delivery date. Your help would be greatly appreciated if you coul provide me with a delivery date.

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I placed an order 03/02/2020
My expected delivery date was March 24 2020.
5 days after placing order expected delivery date was changed to July 05.
Now again 3 days ago changed expected delivery date to may 05.
My parcel was sent to dongguan intl. And from there scanned twice as already handed off to the airline then on the 03/10/2020 says planned handing off to airline. Like... I understand with the corona virus and airline cancels etc, but what's the back and forth stuff and delivery date changing with the yea we gave to airline but no we didnt so we now planning it stuff. I just want a valid ETA on when I can expect my parcel and what situation it is in. If it's being held due to other circumstances fine but I hate being told it's on an airplane and its really sitting in a warehouse. So yea that's my question. TY.

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I see a lot of questions but no answers. What is up with that?
I need to prepare and have help with this heavy orders, would like to know delivery date, so I am home when delivered. Site claims to be user friendly but so far I am not finding that to be true. Can someone help?

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