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Hello. I placed an order for a stroller (large parcel) on March 23rd,2020. I got an update on the location on April 19th,2020 that it was in Shanghai and that was the last updat I’ve received on my package. I’m due to give birth in a month and need my stroller to bring my baby home in. I know with the Coronavirus pandemic many places aren’t accepting packages but if you can get back to me about anything that can be done I’d really appreciate that. It would be a great help as I have no other option. My tracking number is CP299583407CN

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Hi Renay,

It's en route to Canada now. Please wait for more days to get update. If you couldn't receive it within the promised time, contact the seller to give you a solution in time.

Number: CP299583407CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Canada
2020-04-02 13:40, CNBJSA,China, International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada
2020-04-02 13:37, CNBJSA,China, International item processed in originating country
2020-03-30 11:00, China, International item mailed in originating country
2020-04-19 19:31, Shanghai, delivered to air transport
2020-04-16 15:44, Beijing, delivered to air transport
2020-04-16 15:38, Beijing, leaving the Beijing International Mail Exchange Station, the next stop , Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station (via transfer)
2020-04-02 13:40, Beijing, Beijing International Mail Processing Center has been exported directly sealed
2020-04-01 23:04, Beijing, arriving at Beijing International Mail Transfer Department (via transfer)
2020-04-01 01:21, Nanjing, leaving the "Nanjing Central Bureau Mail Processing Center", the next stop "Beijing International Mail Transfer Department"
2020-03-30 17:41, Nanjing, arriving at the "Nanjing Central Bureau Mail Processing Center"
2020-03-30 17:00, Nanjing City, leaving the Post Nanjing Iron Heart Bridge, the next stop , Nanjing Hub
2020-03-30 11:00, Nanjing City, Nanjing Iron Heart Bridge Post Office has received
I ordered something 4/28 and it says it’s still in China. When can I expect to receive my package. Tracking number LY212691799CN
Hi Kayla,

Due to the coronavirus, packages are processed slowly. It usually takes about 30-60 days to be delivered. Please wait for more days to get update. If you couldn't receive it within the promised time, contact the seller to give you a solution in time.

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