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Delivery to Pakistan


I need to make an order of items through Ali Express, but I want to confirm before making so that China Post is making deliveries of Cargo & Parcels to Pakistan during this Covid-19 Pandemic Lock-down.
Please, tell me as early as possible so I can make the order.

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Hi Sayyam,

It could be sent but the delivery time couldn't be guaranteed due to the Covid-19.
When do china post service is gonna be resumed? Because i have ordered something in April 2020 it's almost 6 months i haven't received my parcel yet.
Hi ordered a product from Ali express month a ago. I had not received it yet !. Whenever I track it , it shows EDI received since 10 October. Now it's 28 and I had not received it. It's tracking status is not changing.

Tracking number RE136203538CN
Plz solve my issue!
Moiz Sajjad
I had send my parcel from Jingzhou, Hubei, China at 12 November and it stuck at Urumqi kindly please can you disinfect the parcel fast and forward it.

第一快递: CP357865736CN
第二快递: CP357865767CB
Hi Salveet,

Packages sent to Pakistan are delayed due to the coronavirus. You need to wait for more days to get them.
Hi there ! i want to know that how i can get my package? its my tracking number CP354498159CN
Hi Ahmad,

It's not normal that it's still not delivered. It may be lost. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible.
Hi, I am Mariam Jallani student of Dalian University of Technology. I send my some used stuff and some new electronic stuff to Pakistan through china post office near to Dalian University of Technology. I send my parcel by one student Ayaz khan who is in china that time and I am in Pakistan. My parcel tracking number is CP399356915CN parcel dated 27 July 2020 but it still never received me in Pakistan and there is no record present on tracking system . Please track it and find its information as soon as possible and give me exact details of my parcels because it is very important for me. Thanks
Is there any custom duty if we order from Ali express to pakistan
Hi Ahmad riaz,

The seller will pay the custom duty in advance. You don't need to pay.
Can you take my cargo from chaina to Pakistan.
If you guaid me about the cargo than i well be very thank full to for this kindness.
It's my whatsapp number.+923178178805
I can't track my parcel what does it mean?
When the China post hands the parcel over to Pakistan post, why don't they issue the new tracking no, so that the parcel could be tracked in Pakistan?. My parcel with Tr no EU807598506CN is in Pakistan for few days but I have no I fo of its whereabouts.
Hi Wajid Ali Khan,

EU807598506CN works to the end. There will be update when it arrives in Pakistan. I suggest you wait for more days to get update.

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