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Hi, can you help me check my parcel EA653249649CN, it hasnt update for quite some weeks

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Hi And9798,

It has been stuck at the customs of Ningbo since September 6. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and check it for you as soon as possible.

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my name is galia i am from Israel i have a parcel from aliexpress and it did not sent to me yet almost 3 montes i ask in my country but the tell me that the sender should ask the postoffice manager about the parcel but in this point i can not anymore send him a messge i got from him a refund but the staff of the site tell me that the parcel could sent to me in a later date can you do it from me and find out with the postoffice manager or find out what going on with the parcel the details is:
the sender is: Chen Junlong from Jinhua City number of the parcel is LX558107812CN if you want more details just ask me

Thank you very much galia

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