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were is my parcel



my name is galia i am from Israel i have a parcel from aliexpress and it did not sent to me yet almost 3 montes i ask in my country but the tell me that the sender should ask the postoffice manager about the parcel but in this point i can not anymore send him a messge i got from him a refund but the staff of the site tell me that the parcel could sent to me in a later date can you do it from me and find out with the postoffice manager or find out what going on with the parcel the details is:
the sender is: Chen Junlong from Jinhua City number of the parcel is LX558107812CN if you want more details just ask me

Thank you very much galia

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Hi galia,

I don't think you could receive it in a later date. If a package couldn't be got by the receiver, it's not normal. It may be lost on the way. After checking the tracking information, it doesn't leave China at all. Don't wait, better open a dispute to get the refund.

Tracking information:
2017-11-02 22:13 Jinhua, leave Yiwu Send to Yiwu Post Office Courier logistics Company
2017-11-02 22:08 Jinhua, reach the Yiwu processing center.
2017-11-02 14:06 Jinhua, Yiwu North Court Express collection Station received
Hi daisy!

Thank you for your answer I managed to contact the sender they did not know what happened with the package and i did got a refund to this package but how can i be sure that the package is lost especially that i want to buy this product again Because I received a package that was delayed for me and I received it a month after the scheduled date can you or someone contact with the post office?.

Thanks galia
It stopped in Jinhua and don't move for three months after that. In general, if a package couldn't be reach within three months, it may be lost.
Hi daisy!

But i may ask it is possible that they did not updated the package status?

Yes, there is the chance. But it's sent by e-packet, this situation seldom happens to this kind of parcel.
OK i check the package again maybe something moves and it did see what do you think?


2018-02-0312:50:00 Arrival at Sorting Center  ,ZheJiangShengHangZhouShi HANGZHOU 
2018-02-0306:15:00 Despatch from Sorting Center  ,GuangDongShengGuangZhouShi 51000061 
2018-02-0206:15:00 Despatch from Sorting Center  ,ZheJiangShengJinHuaShi YIWU 
2018-02-0106:15:00 Arrival at Sorting Center  ,ZheJiangShengJinHuaShi YIWU 
2018-01-3106:15:00 Posting  ,ZheJiangShengJinHuaShi beiyuansudi 
Yes, it really moves. But it's delayed for three months. You should get the refund.
My parcel number is UR705362028CN i did not got my parcel yet
Desde octubre mande a traer unos productos y no me han llegado quería saber el motivo del atraso gracias

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