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Help where is my parcel.


Parcel posted February 26. Was told will Only take one month. Now three months and no parcel.
Please help me find parcel. Tracking number UE076853750CN
I need it.

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Hi Kathy Guerrera,

It's sent by China Post ordinary packet and couldn't be tracked after leaving China. So, no one could help you check where it is now. If you couldn't receive it within three months, it may have been lost during the transportation period. You'd better contact the package sender for clarification.
My parcel departed from Shanghai on the 19th of April 2018 with Tracking Number
CP254028104CN it has not arrived in the UK.
Can you confirm the service that it was dispatched with.
Hi Huiru Luo,

It left China on the 19th of April 2018 and still on the way to UK now. There will be further update when it arrives in UK. Wait patiently.
Respected sir/ madame
Since 23/05/2019 I send my parcel to China Lhasa but till now I don’t got any new about my parcel so please try to reply me as soon as possible.
Thank you so much

What's the tracking number?
UR461078150CN track my order please small packet plus
Hi Loujain,

It couldn't be tracked after May 16 because it's sent by using China Post ordinary small packet plus. Better open a dispute to get refund as it has been over three months.

Tracking information available:
2019-05-16 13:57
Arriving at Yiwu International Mail

2019-05-16 01:41
Leave the Post Yiwu City Small Package Bureau, the next stop , Yiwu International

2019-05-15 20:42
Post Yiwu City Small Package Bureau has received, agent: Huang Meiyan

2019-05-13 10:29
Logistics orders created
Dear sir all my packge departure from Thailand 14th but still not daliverd please cheack below
, CP002156249NP , CP002156371NP, CP002156368NP , CP002156354NP

Hi. I've placed an order bk in February 2020 and I haven't received my package. Can you please help me get my package? Its prescription eyeglasses and I need them very much. I've been waiting since March. The tracking# is LW587286271CN.
Thank you.
I ordered a mask/respirator on 4-19-2020. I've tried tracking this parcel and the tracking stops on 4-27-2020 in Singapore. How can I get my parcel or a refund?
I have been in contact with the post office and they have no record of this tracking number LY577925045CN any longer. They used to. I have tried to contact the seller with no response from them Best franchise store I have tried tracking with different tracking company’s and they all say something different. One says still in China. One says made it to ny and on its way back to China I want a refund you must know where it came from. The email they gave me is bogus there’s never been an answer from them. Please help Now post office has lost the tracking information

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