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Did my package arrived from US?


My husband check US Post. They say the package is in transit to the next facility on November 8, 2018 from Jamaica Distribution Center, NY., where the airport is located. Is it possible that the package has arrived in China and is now being held by Chinese Customs?
I am asking this question again because your answer has not been helpful at all.

Could you please find out where the package is? I know that the package cannot be tracked because it's International First Class, but it has a dispatch number used by US Customs to identify it; it will come into China with this number: UH014194156US. If China Customs has the package, please request them to release it for delivery to me?

The package may be delivered to:
Zhang, Zangchuan
1816, C Zuo, Renhe Spring Apartment
Wanxiang South Road, Gaoxin Qu,
Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041, China

China Post may contact me, Zhang, Zangchuan at phone #18-408266327 to deliver the package.

If China Customs will not release the package, please request that China Customs return the package to John Lee in the U.S. His address is:
John Lee
71 Elwood Ave
Staten Island, New York, 10314, USA

Thank you, I appreciate your help very much in resolving this situation with my package.
Zangchuan Zhang
Phone #18-408266327

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