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Duty payment


Is the duty and fees (customs) payed before the parcel is shipped or only when it arrives, straight to the country of destiny?

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I think it should be paided after it arrives the destination country.
This parcel RY444831419GB was sent from the UK of a returned item. I followed the instructions from the seller. They won't refund me until it reaches them however it is stuck awaiting a customs payment. Can you advise please.
Hi Mayara,

It can be paid before the parcel is shipped. But if the seller doesn't pay for it, the receiver will pay for it after it arrives at the destination country.
Hi Carrie Hughes,

In normal, the seller will refund you after it reach in his hand. As it's stuck at the customs, you need to negotiate with the seller about the customs payment. Pay for it and then the seller gets it, so you can get refund.

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Duty payment (4 replies)

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