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EV016275317CN - been almost 2 weeks... still have not received update on parcel


tracking has not updated for a week. last message was:
2022-04-20 00:12
Guangzhou City, has been handed over to the carrier for transportation
2022-04-18 03:20
Guangzhou City, Leave 【Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center】, Next stop【Guangzhou International Mail Exchange】 (transit)
2022-04-17 23:48
Guangzhou City, [Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center] has been exported directly sealed
2022-04-17 22:17
Guangzhou, Arrive at 【Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center】 (via transfer)
2022-04-17 20:19
Dongguan City, Leave 【Dongguan Express Processing Center】,Next Stop【Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center】
2022-04-17 16:33
Dongguan City, Arriving at 【Dongguan Express Processing Center】
2022-04-17 16:31
Dongguan City, Leave 【Humen Cangfu Center】,Next stop【Dongguan】
2022-04-17 12:36
Dongguan City, [Humen Warehouse Distribution Center] has been received and sent, the pitcher:

has the plane departed?? any delays?

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